Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Welcome to our website, www.rhodestransfer.com . This is an e-shop providing services of vehicle-hire, designed to offer you comfortable, fast, safe and luxurious traffic journeys, both within the geographical area of Rhodes and to plenty of popular tourist destinations all around Greece. In addition, we provide services of tours’ program organization. The present website is property of the enterprise with the trade name “PELLOS TRAVEL” and is subject to the protective provisions of the 2121/1993 law regarding intellectual property& copyright, as in force since then.



The visitor / user / customer (hereinafter briefly referred to as the User) of the website www.rhodestransfer.com (hereinafter briefly referred to as rhodestransfer.com) is strongly encouraged to carefully read and take into account the terms of use before proceeding to make a commercial transaction, i.e. to buy a service from this website, since in such a case it is deemed that the User has completely and a priori accepted the content of these terms, which therefore constitute part of the undeniable content of the conducted transaction. In case the User disagrees with the above, he should refrain from using this website.

The following terms of use apply to all of the content and to everything generally included in the pages of our software. rhodestransfer.com may at any time amend the terms and conditions of use, in the context of improvement of the services provided or adjustment to the actual current data. No amendment of these terms will be taken into consideration nor constitute part of a transaction nor bind the User, unless previously expressed in writing and incorporated in the transaction in its’ online form.

Every time the User uses this website or, more importantly, every time they make a transaction, they must check for possible modifications: by using the site and making a transaction the User is deemed to accept the modified terms and therefore is accordingly bound by them. Otherwise they must refrain from using / visiting our website.




The website and all of its content, which indicatively includes texts, visuals, photographs and services rendered, is copyrighted; more specifically, the registered trademarks and service marks of rhodestransfer.com are protected by national and international copyright law, with exception to any explicitly recognized rights of third parties.

Therefore, it is explicitly prohibited by law to in any way reproduce, republish, copy, store, sale, transmit, distribute, publish, perform, "load" (download), translate or modify the content of this website, either partly or in summary, without the explicit prior written consent of rhodestransfer.com.

Par exception, the individual copying and storage of parts of the website’s content in a simple personal computer for strictly personal use (private study or research, educational purposes), without any intention of commercial or any other exploitation and always under the condition of mentioning the source of origin of the copied material is allowed. However, this does not in any way indicate nor result in the concession of the relevant intellectual property rights.
Furthermore, the republishing of the website’s content for promotional / advertising purposes of the activities of “rhodestransfer.com” is allowed, provided that the source of the material is clearly stated and that intellectual property rights will not be affected, nor will any brands or trademarks be altered, modified or deleted.

Everything else that is contained in the web pages of our Website - mainly in the form of links that lead to other websites - and constitutes registered trademarks and intellectual property of third parties, falls within their sphere of responsibility and has nothing to do with the website rhodestransfer.com.



rhodestransfer.com aims - yet without being able to guarantee this - to make the website's entire content at any time and instant valid, clear, safe and understandable for the User. rhodestransfer.com makes every possible effort towards this direction. However, rhodestransfer.com can under no circumstances, not even under the scope of legal negligence, be held liable for any possible damage afflicted to the User due to the use of our website.

The modification of the information and data flow offered by the website falls under the discretion of rhodestransfer.com. More specifically, rhodestransfer.com is free to: (a) make changes to any information and/or service or software provided on this website without prior warning, but with the obligation of the simultaneous publication of the changes applied, in electronic form on the website, so as to immediately inform the User of the changes, (b) cease providing any service, refrain from publishing on its’ website and delete any information or material provided by the website or uploaded by the User, at any time, without prior warning, mainly due to – but not exclusively – functional, safety or any other necessary purposes, (c) to use the suggestions or information uploaded by users in whatever way it deems appropriate, always within the legal framework of their use (like for example in the case of personal data protection), primarily in order to improve the services provided, by detecting and correcting potential flaws in the promotion of the activities of the company and in the advertisement of the quality of the services provided.





The present legal contract is binding for the User of the website, in the sense that in case any dispute arises, either administrative, penal, or civil, between the company and a third party, the User is held solely and utterly responsible and the legal dispute is deemed a result of the User’s illegal actions, either in the context of their using the Website, or during the practical performance of the service they purchased, so in such case the User is obliged to intervene in the relevant trial proceedings and bound to compensate the company in any case, either the company is condemned, or to cover expenses that fall under their liability.

More specifically, by using the software of the website rhodestransfer.com, the User becomes a contracting party of this contract, and to the extent permitted by the law, the User agrees to defend or compensate the company from and against any claims and cover any expense, damage, loss, responsibility and costs (including the remuneration and other fees of attorneys involved) that may come up without company’s fault nor liability, but probably due to the User’s actions or due to force majeure, and specifically in relation to : (i) any penal, special, indirect or consequential damage or loss, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenues, loss of contract, loss or damage regarding goodwill, compensation loss, (ii) any inaccuracy relating to the (descriptive) information of users that is available via our software, (iii) any (direct, indirect, consequential or penal) damage, loss or costs suffered, either incurred or paid by the User (arising from or in connection with the use of the website) related to failure of use, or delay, or a virus of our software and/or the server hosting our software, or (iv) any (personal) traumatism, death, destruction of personal property or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or penal) damages, losses or costs suffered, that arise, or are paid by the User, and that are due either to (legal) actions, errors, violations, (grave) negligence, fraud, failure to act, failure to perform, distortion, tort, due (wholly or partly) to the User, including any (partial) cancelation, double-booking, strike, force majeure or any other incident beyond our control, (v) any information in this software that is sometimes linked to external websites on which our services have no control and for whom we assume no liability, (vi) any user breach or violation of any term of the present contract or of any applicable legislation or regulation, whether or not referred to herein.




rhodestransfer.com does not administer the third parties websites to which it refers through access links (hyperlinks) or advertising banners, and is not responsible for their content.

Links to other websites are mainly provided to facilitate the User to gather information regarding possible destinations while travelling with the hired vehicles of rhodestransfer.com website. This does not entail, however:

(a) that rhodestransfer.com accepts the content or the services of these external websites,

(b) that rhodestransfer.com is in any way related to the proprietors of the external websites,

(c) that rhodestransfer.com can guarantee the protection of personal data, the availability, the quality, the comprehensiveness or correctness of the information and services contained in the websites of third parties, nor the protection against the transmission of viruses,

(d) that rhodestransfer.com bears any responsibility for possible misuse of the information contained in the external websites.


Therefore the present website bears no responsibility for anything that might come up during the visiting or usage, via links contained in “rhodestransfer.com”, that provide access to other websites. In the case that “the User” shall confront any problem they should exclusively refer to the administrators of these external websites.

rhodestransfer.com also features interactivity communication links that connect it with popular social media tools, like Facebook and Twitter. Notice that these links might detect your IP address, and collect information about which pages you visit on our website, and might even produce a cookie to enable the component to function properly. The functions and widgets of social media are hosted either by third party websites or directly in our software. Your interactivity with these functions is governed by the privacy policy of the provider company.




The User of our website must on the one hand comply by the rules and regulations of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation that regulates the field of telecommunications, and on the other hand, they must abstain from any illegal or abusive use of the content and services of our website.

Additionally, the User must behave decently, politely and discretely during his visit, navigation and use of our website, especially when they make use of the option to contact the website administrator, either via email or telephone connection. It is also explicitly prohibited to adopt practices of unfair competition or any other practices contrary to NETIQUETTE (INTERNET Users’ Code of Conduct). Any damage afflicted to our website or the Internet in general, arising from bad or illicit use of the relevant services by the User, falls completely within the sphere of their responsibility.

Particularly, the interactive link marked as «Contact» (Contact Us), activates your e-mail software and invites you to forward your comments or queries to a specific mailbox.

When you send such a message, your personal data is collected only to the extent necessary for us to reply.

In case that you chose to contact us via e-mail (or/and telephone) it is required that:

-The Message should be decent and should not in any way offend the website's creators and/or managers, nor other websites or other Internet users

-As far as possible, the User must take precautions so that the message they forward via email is be safe and free of malicious software that could cause problems to rhodestransfer.com or to other users of our website

-The message should not be accompanied by promotional/advertising material, since the purpose of e-mail exchange with the website administrator to provide information and/or clarify any possible queries of potential customers

-Messages must respect human rights and various minority groups.

-The Messages provided may be used by rhodestransfer.com; this however does not create any legal claim for the benefit of the User providing the messages. Use of such messages by rhodestransfer.com will be effectuated mainly for promotional purposes (promotion of the company's activities) and for improvement of the provided services, and is governed by the absolute respect of the personal data of each User.

-It is deemed that the website has the right to contact the User in the same way, via use of the data the User has submitted. For this reason, it is necessary that the data is authentic and not intended to mislead the company, and their content should be properly configured. Otherwise, rhodestransfer.com reserves the right to modify possibly obscene, offensive or untrue content.





In general, the personal information we collect allows us to process the vehicle-rental bookings of each User and to provide our services to each one of them. We collect the personal information the perspective User submits to the website by their own will during using the services offered.

The management and protection of the personal data of the User of our site is governed by the terms of this Agreement and by the relevant provisions of the Greek law (Law. 2472/1997, P.D. 207/1998 and 79/2000, article 8 of Law . 2819/2000), well as the European Law (Directives 95/46 / EC and 97/66 / EC).

Personal data collected by our website is not disclosed to third parties (except only to the competent authorities, if required by law), but their personal character is in any case preserved. Our website keeps records of these data exclusively for purposes of communication, statistics and improvement of the services provided.

As this site includes interactive links to other sites, it should be noted that the obligation to ensure the confidentiality of personal data that binds rhodestransfer.com, is limited exclusively to the digital data that form the content of this website only. Once the User uses a link and is, via the link, connected to another web environment (website), it is the sole responsibility of the latter to ensure the protection of the personal data the User is willing to provide, and it is deemed that rhodestransfer.com bears no responsibility.

In any case, the User of our Website has the option to demand the deletion, correction or change of their personal data-file.


Collection and use of data:
rhodestransfer.com uses the personal data of visitors / users for three general purposes:

1) The processing of transactions for purchases made by the User via rhodestransfer.com

2) The informational support of customers / users and the selection of content offered to each of them, in order for it to be associated with their general preferences and more individualized

3) The response to any requests of customers / users on available services and products offered by and through rhodestransfer.com and the information of customers / users about new services and products offers.



This utilization contract is subject to the provisions of Greek Law, construed in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics/customs and the financial and social purpose of rights.
If any of the of the terms hereof is found to be against the law and therefore void or voidable, it automatically ceases to produce effects, but without in any way affecting the validity of the rest of the terms. In such a case, an invalid term shall nonetheless be applied to the maximum extent permitted by current applicable legislation, and the User is deemed to agree at least to accept a term with similar, yet valid legal force as compared to the one canceled, taking into account the content and purpose of these terms and conditions.

No amendment of the terms of this contract shall be taken into account nor consist part of it, if not published, that is if not stated in writing and been electronically incorporated into this. The Courts of Rhodes are deemed the competent courts for any disputes that may arise from this contract.


rhodestransfer.comreserves the right to unilaterally amend or renew the present terms and conditions regarding transactions made via our online store, according to the needs and transaction customs. In such a case, the amendments must be published soon as possible on our active website, so that they are accessible to the User; thus, the User who utilizes the services of our website, on which the affected amendments are published, is deemed to accept them and therefore is legally bound by their content.

The User is in charge of the fulfillment of the conditions and tools that make this website accessible to him. In particular, the existence of appropriate material infrastructure, the payment of fees to third parties (network service providers, etc.) are matters that fall into his exclusive responsibility.



The purchasing of vehicle hiring services designed for traffic journeys within the city of Rhodes and for sightseeing, not only within the urban area of Rhodes, but also to selected destinations all around Rhodes, can be realized by the following ways:

- via the rhodestransfer.com website

- after contacting us via email

- after contacting the website administrator via telephone, by dialing the number you will find under the «Contact» section of our website.