Before you book

When can / should I book my transfer?

We recommend that you book your transfer as early as possible, but at least 24 to 48 hours in advance to ensure the availability of our services. However if you need a transfer within 24 hours, our team will try to do everything possible to organize your transfer anyway.

My transfer will be private or with other passengers?

We do not offer a " shuttle transfer." We offer private transfers only. The vehicle will be exclusively for you and your party. In case of a shuttle transfer, you share a vehicle with other passengers who arrive or depart with the same flight or about the same time.

Will the driver drop me of and pick me up at my accommodation / apartment / private address?

All our private transfers are of course "door to door", this means our driver will always drop you of or prick you up directly at your accommodation - no matter if it is a accommodation or a private address (provided a problem-free vehicle access ). If you book a shuttle from or to a accommodation, in most cases you will be dropped of and picked up directly at your accommodation, or as close as possible.

I am travelling with children, can I book child seats / baby seats?

For most routes and vehicles child seats and / or baby seats are available. Childs are counted as persons in our booking system. For more information see our terms and conditions

How much luggage can I carry?

The number of luggage you can carry depends on the type of vehicle you book. In general the price includes one large suitcase (20kg) and one hand luggage per person (handbags, small backpacks etc.) that you can take inside the vehicle. Please note that the 4 seater vehicles have a maximum capacity of 3 large suitcases (20kg) or 4 small suitcases (10kg) and one hand luggage per person (handbags, small backpacks etc.) that can be taken inside the vehicle. Furthermore please have in mind that cabin bags / carry-on suitcases (10kg) count as normal luggage which has to go in the trunk of the vehicle. In case of any doubt about what would be the appropriate vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Will I receive a confirmation after completing my booking?

Of course. After completing your booking, we sent you the confirmation to the email address indicated in the booking.If you can not find your confirmation within 24 hours after completing the booking, please check also your "spam" folder as some providers such as Hotmail or Yahoo may classify our email as spam by error.

Before you travel

Where do I find the necessary information for my transfer?

The confirmation which we send you after receiving your booking, contains all the necessary information for your transfer like the travel details, our contact information ( 24 hours available assistance helpline etc.), specifications of where to find the driver etc.

Where will I meet the driver?

If you booked a transfer from an airport, the driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall with a sign with your name on it or sign with "PELLOS TRAVEL" on it, from approximately 15 minutes after the indicated landing time. So you have enough time to collect your luggage and make your way to the arrivals hall. If the transfer is from a accommodation or a similar location (apartment complex etc.), your driver will meet you at the reception. Pick ups from private addresses will be realized in front of the building.

If my flight is delayed, will the driver wait for me?

Absolutely. If your flight is delayed, the driver will wait for you at the new arrival time - of course at no additional cost. However we would appreciate if you inform us with the flight number in reservation form. (our phone numbers can be found in the booking confirmation)

How long will our transfer take?

We give an indication of the distance and driving time between transfer points at the moment of booking. This information is supplied as a guidance only and not as commitment. The Supplier retains absolute discretion to choose the actual travel route to your destination, and it may not necessarily be the most direct route or use toll roads.

What happens if I can’t find my driver at the airport?

You have full details and telephone number of your supplier on your voucher. Please call your supplier and you will be directed to your driver.